How can I join GECLID interlaboratory comparisons?

Is there a deadline to join?

You can join all along the year and you will take next round (when you are not taking a whole year, you budget will be accordingly minored). If you've previously joined, the besrt moment to confirm is october to january, to let us confirm participants' listings before the start of samples' delivery

How can I confirm or join?

The best option is filling in the Registration form, in order to avoid mistakes.If you've previously participated, you can fill in the form for registered users and your data will be kept for next years. In a couple of days you will receive a budget by e-mail

I need more than one report because I perform 2 different methods

You can register a second analyzer. That means you must record your data batches by 2 different users. Just let us know wether you need more users for your lab or whenever you need help.

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Last modified: lunes, 30 agosto 2021, 08:55